DIY Bathroom Plumbing - Why Do It Yourself?

Leaking pipes, dripping faucets, and clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing problems a home owner will encounter. Frequently, these problems are simple to fix if you are willing take the time to learn a few basic skills. With a little time and effort, your diy bathroom plumbing skills can save you money and in some cases you can complete the job before a professional repair contractor even returns your call.

If you live in an area similiar to mine, you will find that a plumber will not even show up at your home without charging a mininum of $60 to $80 dollars an hour before they even start the repair. Have a few clogs removed, install a new fixture or two, and have that annoying drip fixed and you can quickly run up quite a tab over the course of a year.

Beyond the monetary incentive for performing your own plumbing repairs there is also the advantages of being able to fix a problem quickly yourself. Murphy's Law states that "Whatever can go wrong, Will go wrong" and this usually will occur at the least convenient time. If your bathroom toilet suddenly sprung a leak you would have a couple different options:

You could call a plumber and get on their schedule, but if it is a weekend or holiday (or they are just busy) you may have to wait.

You could contact a plumber or other contractor for an emergency repair however everyone knows that in this context emergency is synonymous with Expensive!

Or, you could take a quick look to see what part is leaking, a twenty minute round trip to a hardware superstore, and 20 minutes of your time to replace the leaking part. The end result is a simple repair accomplished at a minimum cost in under an hour.

This website is dedicated to helping identify what is a DIY bathroom plumbing project and the skills, tools, supplies, and tips you will need to accomplish them. It is also designed to provide you with the information necessary to decide if you should do it yourself or call in a professional.

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