DIY Plumbing Repairs - You Have Homeowners Insurance, Use It! - When and how your homeowners insurance can be used to help you pay for expensive repairs.

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Is the Deck You Are Building Safe ? - Advise on issues to consider when building your deck

Silestone countertops as an alternative to granite or laminate - Selecting quartz countertop materials such as Silestone instead of natural granite or other traditional laminate materials

Staining Instead Of Painting Your Patio - Staining your concrete patio is a terrific way to make it more inviting to your guests.

Veranda Decking - alternatives to traditional pressure treated decking materials

Carpenter Ants - Finding and addressing carpenter ant problems

Bamboo Floors - A Healthy Choice - Bamboo flooring as an alternative to traditional hardwoods

When all you have is a hammer... - philosophy of using the correct tool for the job

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